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“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”
Hebrews 12:28-29

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WOW National Director

Sister Marie Abeo Brown

As we explore what it means to be on fire for God. We will rediscover the power of the Radical Transformation. The definition of radical is “having a profound or far-reaching effect,” and transformation is defined as a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance or form. In the moment we trust the anointing FIRE (the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit) a radical transformation begins in us. This year as Women of Worship, let us endeavor to represent fire in the following:

This year as Women of Worship, let us endeavor to represent fire in the following:
F-in our fellowship with one another as ministers being flames of fire (Hebrews 1:7)
I-in our impartation, let us our words be words blesses on another as burnt offering (2 Chronicles 7:1)
R-in our release as we let go of the strongholds that divides us (Amos 1:10)
E-in our ability to empower one another in service to God with a fiery spirit (Jeremiah 20:09)

National Calendar of Events Radical Transformation

Women Of Worship Devotionals (National and Regional) is an opportunity for sisters in the PAOCC of all ages and stages to collectively minister and share the radical changes God has made in our lives as reflected in our work for God in the church and in the larger community.

January ~ WOW NIA
February ~ Regional Devotionals to reflect the Season of Renewal
March ~ WOW National Women History Month 2017 Honorees ~ Elders
April ~Regional Devotionals to reflect the Season of Pentecost
May ~ Young Adults
June ~ Regional Devotionals to reflect the Season of Recommitment
July ~ WOW Atlanta
August ~ Regional Devotionals to reflect the Season of Confirmation
September ~ WOW Pearls
October ~ Regional Devotionals to reflect the Season of Celebration
November & December ~ WOW National Advisers Season of Advent and Christmas

Suggested Sharing: What radical changes has the Holy Spirit made in your life? Write a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the work spirit has done in your life, and share this with your group.

March 2017

Women History Month Celebration

Deborah, WOW Pearls
Sojourner Truth, WOW NIA
Fannie Lou Hamer, WOW Atlanta
The Black Madonna, WOW Beulah Land

Rev. Nkenge Abi
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Women of Worship Ministry National Fundraiser for Cultural Centers (Regional) 2017

Women of Worship Ministry National Outreach 2017

Hands on Liberia Mission work is at the center of our purpose. Each region will support our churches in Liberia through quarterly donations of school supplies.

Women of Worship Ministry Rituals 2017

Sobonfu Some: “There are basic maintenance rituals that we need on a daily basis in order to be able to be well. Those are the rituals that we do on our own behalf, connecting with spirit, connecting with our ancestors and the spirit of the place.”

Grieving ~ This Ritual is to release the everyday tension of whatever is weighing us down or clouding our ways, so that we can function.

Blessing ~ This Ritual is to bless other people, but also rituals to bless ourselves. A lot of times, we’re looking for blessings outside, but sometimes we need to bless ourselves, because we know exactly what we need.

Bonding ~ This Ritual is an opportunity to bond and or to increasing bonding with certain family members. We need these rituals to stay connected, to keep healthy relationships between ourselves.

Conflict (Ash Circle) ~ This Ritual is to address inner conflict and conflict with a person (s) in our community.

Empowerment ~ This Ritual is for the empowering of ourselves, because every now and then, everybody needs their battery jump-started, so these rituals are basically there to help us to get to the next level so that we can feel better.

Release ~ This Ritual allows us to let go of the past, rituals to let go of old partners so that we can start fresh, so that they are not becoming invisible leeches in our lives.

Welcoming ~ This Ritual is to welcome our ancestors into the sacred space.

In WOW we are creating an environment where women can listen to each other and grow into a greater confidence about what [We] intuitively know what we need and what our communities need. Women’s History Month (March) provided an excellent opportunity to honor the discipleship of women pioneers. The African woman has administered great and mighty nations, led determined and capable armies into battle and founded splendid and enduring royal dynasties, schools, companies and spiritual movements. Through WOW we take time to reflect upon what God has done and how God continues to use women in the expansion of Kingdom Building.

FEED THE HOMELESS MINISTRY: The ministry is looking for committed members that are willing to serve. The ministry provides a hot breakfast to those who may otherwise not receive a meal all day. The meals are prepared and delivered every other Saturday. If you would like to become a part of this ministry please sign-up in the lobby of the Shrine sanctuary.

National Leadership

Sis Abeo, National & Regional Coordinator for Atlanta ~ Rev. Ayanna, Atlanta Regional Support
Rev. Djenaba, Regional Coordinator for PEARLS ~ Fd. Nailah, Regional Support
Sis. Angela, Regional Coordinator for NIA ~ Mother Aminah, Regional Support
Rev. Amina, Regional Coordinator Beulah Land ~ Fd. Niyonu, Regional Support
Sis. Safiya, Coordinator WOW Liberia
Rev. Ifetayo, Rev. Abaynesta National Advisor

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