FAQ About Our New Website

1. I have a question regarding: anything at all?
Answer: Fill out the Inquiry form on the Contact/Directions/inquiry Page. You will be contacted.

2. Can we access the other Regions websites from any single Regions website?
Answer: Yes, all are accessible. The PAOCC HOME website: www.shrinesoftheblackmadonna.org has tabs/pages the other websites do not. Example: Archives and in memoriam pages.

3. How soon will the Newsletter be emailed out?
Answer: Planned date is 4th Quarter 2019. However, each Region may opt to produce it’s own newsletter, based upon it’s own planning dates.

4. Why does each Region have it’s own site?

Answer: There is Region-specific marketing/information and outreach to the local community organizations. Example: Detroit has a Prison Ministry Page the other Regions do not, this makes for great marketing/information to: (State of MI), Jobs for Felons Programs, etc. Houston and Atlanta have Holocaust Museum tours, Detroit’s is now pending and closed for renovations. The PAOCC HOME website brings all of our resources on line for the world to see.

5. Who should I contact to have my business promotion listed on the advertiser’s page?

Answer: Perry Banks Bro. Seve tbank3169@aol.com (585) 747-5733.

6. How do I find what I am looking for?

Answer: Visit our Tutorial Videos section to find how to steps on navigating the website.

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