African American Quad-Centennial


This year, 2019, will mark 400 years of the African presence in America—or what we have christened the African American Quad-Centennial. We seek to make the African American Quad-Centennial a year-long period of commemoration (from Kwanzaa 2018 through Kwanzaa 2019) honoring our journey and pushing back against the racist narrative that denies our humanity, our citizenship and our contributions to this land. WE BUILT THIS!

We seek to use this historical milestone as a rallying point to marshal the energy and focus of our people across the Diaspora to intelligently confront the unique challenges facing us today and to usher in a new era of consciousness and activism. Done right, the African American Quad-Centennial can become a national and possibly global phenomenon. But this requires us—people of African descent—to be all in and promote the African American Quad-Centennial every way possible, especially through social media.

We need you to visit our African American Quad-Centennial Facebook page daily and LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the links. Those who hear about the African American Quad-Centennial get the importance immediately. Let’s spread the word so others hear about and support this game-changing opportunity to 1) Raise Consciousness, 2) Honor Our Ancestors, 3) Lay Claim to Our Rightful Position as Builders of This Nation, 4) Energize and Organize for Important Elections in 2019 and 2020, 5) Educate Our Children About Our Story and 6) Celebrate our Tradition of Resistance & Resilience.