African American Quad Centennial Convention Retrospective

1. Click the image directly below to download the presentation by Dr. Jawanza Eric Clark:

2. A brief survey was sent to attendees to provide feedback on their African American Quad Centennial Convention experience.  Below are a few of the responses:

– Atlanta was like a much needed cure.  It was so good to see everyone and to participate in the events. 

– Just wanted to let you know that xxx and I had an amazing experience in the sharing of the pictures,  video and streaming. We are so excited about the changes we were able to hear via sermon. Just wanted you to know the technology department kept us plugged in and the energy was delivered and received through technology.

– Great job queen, great job, our event made me feel as if I was born again, thank you thank you.

– Enjoyed it, would like to see more get together with the other regions on a regular basis.

– Got back to late to shower and go to mixer if you were not staying at hotel.  No free beverages at Abeja after 1 hour into the event aka water. DJ was on point very good. We should try hotels that has shuttle service from airport to hotel and easy access to Marta to move around city without needing a car.

– What a confident, well organized and committed Team can produce. Nice Job!  Thanks for Serving.  Hope this Team takes a well deserved break and produce more events. 

– We need to do more going forward.

– A lounging area for late departures on the last day would be great for future events. So participants who have late flights can wait until their flights vs. waiting in the airport.

– Coming together as one church family is powerful. This Quad C commemoration felt like a renewal and re-dedication to our commitment to the liberation of African people everywhere! Excellent plan, program and execution…kudos to the Quad C committee! 

– The whole experience was awesome! I would have like the symposium talks to have been a bit more expansive, especially Jawanza’s and Blair’s presentations. I also didn’t get a clear understanding of where we go from here as it related to posted topics like the upcoming elections and church projections.

– Great Experience

– Although I loved everything about the worship service, I still wish that Jaramogi Kimathi preached. I would have loved to hear more from him concerning our immediate and future plans as a church/movement.

– I really appreciated the regular updates from the pulpit. However, I found online/social media engagement lacking. I never received any e-blast, and it was difficult to find consistent and up-to-date Quad Centennial information across the various church social media platforms. While the convention booklet was nice, I would have preferred a Sankofa pin as a memento and to have the booklet information on a flash drive to make it shareable. The Friday and Sunday experiences were phenomenal.

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