About Us

Our goal is to be the church of the future; the 21st century mystery temple; an incubator for spiritual awakening and enlightenment, allowing for the recovery of black people’s humanity and dignity; and a power center for black self-determination.

The church seeks to serve as a tool for human development, human growth and evolution, in order to facilitate the consciousness-raising of black people. Black people must be re-awakened to the fact that, at the moment of our creation, God placed a spark of divinity inside each of us, that can never be extinguished. This spark of divinity is what allows us to access our innate divine creativity and intelligence, which we use to maximize our human potential and become fully-realized emanations of our Creator.

The church is positioning itself to be a beacon of light that illuminates that spark of divinity and re-ignites it in such a way, that it burns off the detritus of mundane living (individualism, apathy, helplessness, hopelessness and victimhood) so that we can be elevated and restored to our original place of power and dignity in the world.

Presiding Bishop D. Kimathi Nelson

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